Asenabra is committed to deliver the most efficient, high standard services, trusted by private and public entities. It is our privilege and honor to be a key player in Ecuador's boosting social, economic and technological development.


How it all started…

Our story began in 1989 with the Labra family established in Ecuador coming from Chile with new ideas and projects. The Asenabra Shipyard was founded on September 18th, 1990, in the midst of a fishing and aquaculture boom, the Ecuadorian naval industry required more qualified shipyards being that investments in vessels was at a rise.

Inspired by train wagon transfers, Asenabra developed its very own Transfer System Turntable. This process maximizes the shipyard’s productivity.

The system was created back in 1998 and still is one of the main pillars for the shipyard’s operations, making it easier to distribute vessels throughout our facilities, improving our performance and providing easier access for our clients.

A leader in shipyard services

With focus on building and maintenance of vessels – making adaptations and modifications as well.

- Featuring a qualified staff of engineers, supervisors, welders, workers and administrative personnel.
- Upon each project’s scope and demand, we are capable of increasing head count with external, “on-call” personnel.

- With extensive 72,000 square-meter grounds and over 25 years of experience in the industry, Asenabra is established as one of the top shipyards in Ecuador. Strategically located in Duran, our main areas of expertise include building, repairing, expanding and modifying large vessels.

- Asenabra is highly regarded for offering quality and results, having high reaction capabilities and meeting deadlines.
- 4 lanes to accommodate 4 forty-meters in length, supporting 300 tons and 4 meters in depth.
- 70-meter dock with 8 mooring poles, electrical, water, fire system, oxygen and compressed air.

Business Opportunities

Learn about business opportunities and receive more information, financial projections from our shipyard operations in the years to come.

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