With extensive 72,000 square-meter grounds and over 25 years of experience in the industry, Asenabra is established as one of the top shipyards in Ecuador. Strategically located in Duran, our main areas of expertise include building, reparing, expanding and modifying large vessels.


pioneers in Ecuador

The project to build Ecuador’s first dry dock
– and first privately owned in Pacific coast - started back in 2005.

The dry dock will be fully operational in 2016, with the capacity of providing services to larger-sized vessels.

This country-wide project is key and hightly benefitial for the community’s socio-economic development: 1) Source of employment 2) Destionation promotion 3) Support locally-based production/industry.


Developing shipowner
projects since 1990

Asenabra is highly regarded for offering quality and results,
having high reaction capabilities and meeting deadlines.

The shipyard has been exceeding the expectations of the most demanding and detail-attentive clients for over 25 years. Asenabra’s road to success is supported by the trust from both the private and public sector in the industry.

Our team effort and professional work have allowed us to complete over 500 projects so far.



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